Wawa is a small, friendly Northern Ontario community situated conveniently on the Trans Canada Highway between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, Ontario. The town is often remembered for the Wawa Goose Monument…a giant 4 ton statue of the Canadian Goose which proudly stands at the entrance of the community. In fact, it’s reported to be the most photographed landmark in North America.

Many fishermen travel to cast their lines in the numerous streams and lakes surrounding this community. As many other Northern Ontario communities, Wawa’s history is steeped in the mining of minerals. Although it was gold that first attracted prospectors to the area, the discovery of hematite ore provided the mainstay industry for Wawa for many years. The forestry industry is also an important part of the community. In terms of education, health care, government services, and retail sector, Wawa is well provided for.

For an in-depth look at this community and all it has to offer, please visit Wawa’s web site at: www.wawa.cc.